Dr Regina Belski

B. Nutr & Diet (Hons)
Clinical & Sports Accredited Practising Dietitian
Accredited Nutritionist, Registered Nutritionist
ISAK Trained Anthropometrist
Member of the Dietitians Association of Australia, Sports Dietitians Australia & Nutrition Society of Australia
Commenced at Melbourne Sports Medicine Centre 2009

Dr Regina Belski is an Advanced Accredited Pracitising Dietitian and Advanced Sports Dietitian. She commenced at The Melbourne Sports Medicine Centre in 2009.

Regina’s nutrition philosophy is focused on supporting individuals to build a healthy relationship with food to support their health and performance goals. She believes that food should be both a fuel and a pleasure and that one without the other is not an ideal approach long-term.

Regina holds a PhD in Medicine from The University of Western Australia, focusing on weight management and heart health. Her PhD research has given her ample experience in optimising fat loss while increasing lean body mass in individuals, which is important for health and optimal performance in many sports. This paired with her passion for improving the health and performance of her clients results in a highly individual approach the success of which is clearly visible through the outstanding results obtained by her clients.

Dr Belski supports elite and recreational athletes to enhance their training nutrition and recovery and optimise their performance in numerous sports including: endurance sports such as marathons, cycling, triathlons, swimming; and weight-category and aesthetic sports including rowing, boxing and gymnastics. Her sports clients have included Western Australian Institute of Sport Athletes as well as Australian Football League and Rugby League players.

Regina also has considerable experience with young athletes who have specific nutritional needs for growth as well as training. She presents widely on general and sports nutrition to a variety of audiences including corporate, government departments, sports clubs, university and school lectures.


  • PhD, University of Western Australia, 2010
  • Bachelor of Nutrition & Dietetics, First Class Honours, Deakin University, 2006
  • Graduate Certificate of Tertiary Education, Victoria University, 2011

Additional Training:

  • ISAK Trained Anthropometrist

Professional Memberships and Associations:

  • Member of the Dietitians Association of Australia and Advanced Accredited Practising Dietitian (AdvAPD) and Accredited Nutritionist
  • Member of Nutrition Society of Australia and Registered Nutritionist
  • Member of Sports Dietitians Australia and Advanced Sports Dietitian (AdvSD)

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What to expect in a session:

Regina is currently an Associate Professor and the Course Director for the Master of Dietetics at Swinburne University, hence is only available for workshops and presentations, and not for individual consultations.

To discuss booking Regina to present and your presentation requirements please phone Practice Manager, Julie Tatnell on 9650 9372 or via email.