Sports Nutrition

Sports Dietitians have done additional training in the area of Sports Nutrition and can provide dietary and nutrition advice to help you achieve your sporting goals, whatever level of sport you participate in.

Along with dealing with general dietary issues, Sports Dietitians can also provide advice to:

  • Improve energy levels
  • Reduce body fat
  • Increase muscle mass
  • Improve sports performance by
    • Altering pre-exercise nutrition
    • Altering during-exercise nutrition
    • Altering recovery practices
  • Correct deficiencies
  • Improve general health!

Initial dietary consultations with a Sports Dietitian are typically of 60 minutes duration.  In some cases Body Composition Analysis may be performed.   This requires approximately 30 minutes itself and can be part of the initial 60 minute consultation or part of a 90 minute Body Composition Analysis and Dietary Consultation.

During the initial consultation your goals regarding your diet will be discussed.  A series of questions about medical history is asked and your present food and exercise behaviour examined.  From this, advice and practical suggestions for change, along with relevant written material (for example, information regarding athletes' nutrition, recipes, supplementation, healthy eating, weight loss and lifestyle advice) is provided.

Review consultations are designed to check progress.  Food and exercise regimes are re-examined, and if desired weight and body composition reassessed and additional changes recommended. 

Review consultations are usually two to four weeks apart and the number of consultations conducted is determined by you and your Sports Dietitian.

The Melbourne Sports Medicine Centre has two Sports Dietitians.  

Emily Pereira is available for consultations each Wednesday.  

Dr Regina Belski is available for sporting and corporate presentations.