Sports Medicine

The Sports Medicine Doctors at Melbourne Sports Medicine Centre are well placed to diagnose and coordinate the management of sports injuries and musculoskeletal injuries.  These injuries involve the bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments of the body.

They also assist with medical problems that may effect us all as well as those peculiar to athletes.

The key to correct management of these conditions is an accurate diagnosis.  This requires a detailed history, competent examination and if necessary, selection of appropriate investigations.  Once an accurate diagnosis is made, the precise management can be planned and carried out followed by the appropriate rehabilitation if necessary.

Our Sports Doctors have additional postgraduate training and experience which enables them to competently fulfil this role.  It would be common for competent General Practitioners to deal with neck and back problems and simple joint sprains.  However the additional expertise of our Sports Medicine Doctors enable these conditions to be treated by someone who spends much of their time caring for these conditions as well as having the ability to diagnose and manage more complex muscle, joint and bone injuries.

Our Sports Medicine Doctors are experienced in caring for a variety of sports people and non-sports people at a variety of levels and ages.  Many also have experience with sporting teams including Australian Rules Football, soccer, hockey and gymnastics.

No referral is required to see our Sports Doctors as they are primary care physicians and 30 minutes is the usual time allotted for an initial appointment.  This enables time for adequate history-taking, examination and planning.

People are best advised to continue seeing the same Doctor, rather than changing from one practitioner to the other, to enable continuity of care and avoidance of duplication.  It may be necessary for referral for X-rays or other investigations such as ultrasound, CT scan or MRI scans and our Sports Doctors are in the best position to suggest the most appropriate investigation to meet the individual’s needs.

It may also be necessary for the Sports Doctor to involve other practitioners and coordinate their management.  Such practitioners may include an orthopaedic surgeon, general surgeon, physiotherapist, podiatrist, masseur, exercise physiologist or dietitian.

Our Sports Doctors all strive to keep up to date in their field and hence put themselves in the best position to make an accurate diagnosis and coordinate appropriate management for the people that attend our Clinic.