Our Physiotherapists are highly trained professionals who use a variety of techniques to assist your muscles and joints to work to their full potential.  Almost any condition that affects your muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments or nerves can be helped by Physiotherapy.  Whether the result of a sporting injury, overuse or long term poor physical practices, physiotherapy can help to repair damage by speeding up the healing process and by reducing pain and stiffness.  Physiotherapists can also provide advice to prevent problems from recurring or even happening in the first place.

The Physiotherapists at The Melbourne Sports Medicine Centre also have additional training and experience in the field of Sports Physiotherapy enabling our Clinic to service sports people as needed.  They are highly skilled at assessing and treating general and complex injuries and problems. As we are more than a stand-alone physiotherapy clinic, the integrated expertise of other practitioners if needed is most beneficial.

Initial physiotherapy assessments are of 40 minutes duration and will involve your physiotherapist fully assessing your condition.  Once a diagnosis is made, your physiotherapist will work with you to develop an appropriate treatment plan taking into account your lifestyle, training and general health.  Exercises may be prescribed for you to do between treatment sessions. Follow up with an exercise physiologist, myotherapist or remedial massage therapist may be suggested as part of an integrated program.

Review appointments are either of 20, 30 or 40 minutes duration depending on your particular injury or problem.  Throughout your treatment your physiotherapist will continually evaluate your progress and modify treatment where necessary.

For any new injury that is sustained or new problem that occurs, an initial consultation will be required again to allow for a full assessment to be conducted, diagnosis made and treatment plan developed.

If you have not seen your physiotherapist for two months, even if it is for the same injury, a 30 or 40 review minute appointment will be required for a reassessment to take place

It is preferable, although not essential, that you see the same physiotherapist about your injury or problem.  Such continuity can allow for a better understanding of your injury and measure of progress.

For appointments, please phone 9650 9372 or book online and please note that 24 hours is required for appointment cancellation or a cancellation fee may apply.  Your punctual attendance is also appreciated to ensure you receive your full treatment time.  Should you arrive late for your appointment your practitioner will do their best to provide you with your full treatment time but in some situations appointments will need to be rescheduled or treatment time reduced.