Clinical Pilates and Clinical Pilates Classes

What is Clinical Pilates?
It is a form of exercise used by physiotherapists for rehabilitation and prevention of injury. The exercise regime has been adapted from Joseph Pilates’ original techniques to incorporate current scientific knowledge and physiotherapy expertise.

Clinical Pilates uses spring or elastic resistance combined with a series of floor exercises to improve the stability of the spine and therefore control pain and enhance musculoskeletal function. Other equipment incorporated may be the Physio Ball, Magic circle, Roller or small pilates balls.

Traditional strength training may encourage a person to ‘brace’ with their abdominal and other non-specific strength muscles. Depending on the injury and levels of pain a person is experiencing, gym exercise or other recreational activities may be very difficult to undertake. Clinical Pilates uses direction-specific, non-impact movements to enable a person to engage in pain-free exercises immediately following an injury.

Clinical Pilates at The Melbourne Sports Medicine Centre

The Melbourne Sports Medical Centre now offers Clinical Pilates and Small Group Clinical Pilates Plus Classes  in our brand new, state of the art Pilates Studio. Be guided by our highly skilled Clinical Pilates Instructors as they assess, formulate and tailor a program specific for you.

Our focus is on individual care with the aim of:

  • Reducing back and neck pain - especially chronic or recurrent pain                                                                                                     
  • Recovering from injury and preventing injury
  • Reducing postural related headaches
  • Pre-habilitation for surgery
  • Rehabilitation post surgery
  • Improving posture
  • Improving core strength
  • Reducing pre-natal back & pelvis pain
  • Increasing post-natal muscle tone, strength and endurance
  • Improving neuro-muscular retraining
  • Improving strength
  • Improving balance and flexibility
  • Reducing musculoskeletal pain
  • Optimising sporting performance 

Clinical Pilates is particularly effective when it is used in combination with Physiotherapy to optimise your recovery from injury and prevent further injury or complications. It is extremely beneficial pre-and post orthopaedic surgery to maximize your outcome and speed up your return to general activity or sport.

Clinical Pilates is effective at relieving or eliminating chronic back pain by strengthening and retraining your core. Increasing the strength and control of stabilisation muscles around your spine and supports your posture and reduces re-injury.

Clinical Pilates Appointments

Should you wish to commence Clinical Pilates, or your practitioner recommends it, an appointment is generally required with one of our 1:1 Clinical Pilates Practitioners: Hannah Ware, Scott Mitchinson, Amanda Lee, Dan Yee or Nathan McKeown.  They will conduct a comprehensive assessment of any injury, pain or postural problems and introduce you to the basic principles of pilates.  You will be taught how to perform appropriate exercises on the floor and reformer. An individual program will be developed for you and tailored to your personal goals or specific sport.  You may also be provided with a home exercise program.  

You can choose to continue with 1:1 sessions with one of our Clinical Pilates Practitioners or once both you and your Clinical Pilates Practitioner feels comfortable, enter the small group classes.  Our small group classes have a maximum of four clients in each class. Classes are conducted by Hannah Ware or Scott Mitchinson. 

Our Small Group Instructors

Hannah Ware:

Hannah is extremely passionate about Clinical Pilates. She feels it is essential to the development of core strength, injury rehabilitation and prevention. Hannah believes clinical pilates is beneficial for everyone and that it is not just for sports people.  In today’s working world, our bodies are at equal risk of injury whether you have an extremely active career or if you are working at a desk all day.

She has had excellent results working with people recovering from injury, recreational and elite athletes, and those suffering from chronic neck and back pain.

Hannah has a special interest in providing clinical pilates for Women’s Health issues, and for Pre and Post Natal women who may have pelvic or low back pain, or just want to increase their core strength and tone their abdominals in a safe and monitored environment.

Hannah tailors her Clinical Pilates practice to each patient individually to provide the best quality of care.

Scott Mitchinson:

Scott enjoys using a combination of exercise based interventions with the goal of giving each of his clients a clear pathway to recovery.  His focus on active rehabilitation has seen him complete training in Clinical Pilates through Polestar Australia and TRX suspension training.  Scott has also spent time working at the Perth Shoulder Clinic where he provided post-operative rehabilitation for orthopaedic shoulder surgeons.

Given his experience as a professional baseball pitcher and a specialist throwing coach in both baseball and cricket, Scott is particularly well placed to assist clients with rehabilitation for shoulder and general upper limb injuries.  As clinically appropriate, his classes incorporate the use of the Clinical Pilates as well as strength and resistance training equipment in our new rehabilitation gym.  Scott feels that this approach helps him deliver a varied program with comprehensive outcomes for recovery and return to sport following a wide range of injury types.

Amanda Lee:

Amanda is a physiotherapist experienced in treating and managing a range of musculoskeletal issues with Clinical Pilates.  She uses knowledge from her formal Clinical Pilates training, clinical skills and personal sporting experience to devise a program specific to her clients’ needs.  She takes one on one and small group classes, using the various Pilates machines but also incorporating the gym equipment and using some mat based exercises depending on the person.

Amanda’s special interests include pelvic health, for both women and men, and she is well suited to devising a ‘pelvic floor safe’ Clinical Pilates program for those with any sort of pelvic floor dysfunction. Chronic pain is also a special interest area. However, she is happy to work closely with any client to reach their goals and will always adapt exercises accordingly, whether it is recovery from surgery, to injury prevention for sporting activities such as running or cycling.

Small Group Class Timetable

Our classes are run at 7am, 8am, 12.15pm, 4.30pm 5.15 pm and 6.15 pm on selected weekdays, 8am, 9.15am and 10.15am on Saturdays.

Our timetable can be viewed here.

To book into a class please phone our reception staff on 9650 9372 or book online.

Please note that 24 hours is required for pilates appointment cancellation or a cancellation fee will apply.  Your punctual attendance is also appreciated to ensure you receive your full treatment or class time.  

Whether it be 1:1 or small group classes, please note that comfortable exercise clothing should be worn.  Grip socks must also be worn to help ensure your safety on the pilates equipment.  Grip socks can be purchased from reception.

The fee for the 1:1 sessions will range between $98.00 and $110.00 depending on the length of the appointment.  Group classes are $50.00 and your 10th class is complimentary.

Any queries at all, please call us on 9650 9372.