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Running Analysis

Running Analysis

Running Analysis is conducted by our Podiatrists and several of our Physiotherapists.

During a running analysis, your practitioner will observe your technique as you run on a treadmill.  This will also be video recorded so your technique can be viewed in slow motion.

A thorough diagnosis can be made by analysing your running technique and dynamic biomechanics.

This diagnosis can provide your practitioner with potential causes of injury or lack of efficiency.

Depending on the outcome of the analysis interventions may include technique training, manual treatment, specific exercises or footwear modifications with or without orthotic prescription.

Over time a Running Analysis can be repeated to measure the effectiveness of the interventions and to guide further treatment if appropriate.

We recommend that Running Analysis is conducted for runners of all abilities, from the elite level to the weekend jogger.  Improved technique can reduce injury the risk of injury and improve running efficiency.

If you are interested in having a Running Analysis conducted, please contact our reception staff on 9650 9372 and let us know this is the purpose of your appointment.

Alternatively, this service can be conducted during your consultation with our podiatrists or with some of our physiotherapists.  Your practitioner will advise if this analysis would assist in managing or preventing injury for you.