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Orthotic Prescription

Orthotic Prescription

Orthotics are shoe insert devices that act to improve cushioning, redistribute pressure and maximise foot function.

When prescribed and fitted correctly, they are an effective way to reduce the stress on injured and overloaded muscles, tendons and joints of the feet, ankles, knees and hips.

Our Podiatrists will prescribe orthotics where clinically necessary and appropriate.

The need for orthotics is determined by thorough history taking, biomechanical assessment and discussion regarding individual preferences.   Gait and running analysis may form part of the assessment, often recorded to enable gait and running style to be reviewed in slow motion.

Orthotics are made from a variety of materials and come in many designs, ranging from prefabricated (‘off the shelf’) insoles to fully customised devices. Electronic scanning of the foot on-site enables a fully customised device to be prepared at an orthotic laboratory.  These are then be fitted by your Podiatrist.

Our Podiatrists are skilled in determining the most suitable orthotic for you.  They provide a variety of options and consider your requirements when making their recommendations.

To arrange a time to see one of our Podiatrist regarding your potential need for orthotics. please phone our reception staff on 9650 9372. or alternatively book online.