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NordBord Hamstring Testing

The NordBord is a fast and easy way to objectively measure eccentric and isometric hamstring strength and is regularly used as an assessment and rehabilitation tool by our Physiotherapists.

Stronger hamstrings are associated with a reduced risk of injury and the NordBord not only assesses hamstring strength, it also acts as a strengthening tool.

We frequently use the NordBord as an assessment and rehabilitation tool during Physiotherapy sessions. It is particularly useful following ACL surgery when the hamstring is used for the graft. The thorough monitoring and strengthening of the hamstring helps improve post- surgery knee functional stability and protects against subsequent hamstring injury.

As one of the few Sports Medicine Clinics in Melbourne with the Nordbord we are committed to this type of evidence based new technology for the purposes of thorough rehabilitation and injury prevention.

If you are interested in NordBord evaluation please contact our reception staff on 9650 9372.