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Gait Analysis

Gait Analysis is conducted by all of our Podiatrists and several of our Physiotherapists.

Gait Analysis is conducted in order to determine the cause of injury, to improve walking efficiency or determine what may be the most appropriate footwear for you.

It involves observing you walking, often on a treadmill, and examining your technique.

This may also be video recorded so your technique can be viewed in slow motion.

From this a diagnosis can be made and technique improved or corrected by the use of more appropriate footwear or othotics.

In some cases a referral may be made to an appropriate practitioner to assist with exercise prescription, rehabilitation or further technique modification.

If you are interested in having a Gait Analysis conducted, please contact our reception staff on 9650 9372 and let us know this is the purpose of your appointment.

Alternatively, this service can be conducted during your consultation with our Podiatrists and some of our Physiotherapists.  Your practitioner will advise if this is something that would be of benefit to you.