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ForceFrame Strength Testing System

The Melbourne Sports Medicine Centre Services ForceFrame Strength Testing System

At the Melbourne Sports Medicine Centre, we utilise several VALD performance tools to assist in the understanding of strength, movement strategies, injury risk and performance. The data provided from these instruments can help to detect deficits and imbalances that are not readily detectable in the clinical setting, thus providing a much more structured and objective approach to our testing and rehabilitation programs.

The Force Frame is a quick and straight forward way of testing the strength of muscles in the upper and lower body, including the hip, knee, shoulder, and ankle. This helps to accurately identify strength and weaknesses in different muscles groups, which can guide areas of focus for rehabilitation and strengthening programs as well as quantifying progress over time.

If you are interested in finding out more about our VALD performance tools and how they can assist with your injury, condition, or performance, please call us on 9650 9372.