Weight Loss in the New Year

At The Melbourne Sports Medicine Centre we understand New Year’s resolutions. Many of us have the same ones year and year again - quit smoking, drink less and lose weight…….the list goes on.

Weight loss is a challenge many of us face over our lifetime, some have only a few kilos they’d like to lose, others significantly more. Every January, we are bombarded with multitudes of adds on TV to join weight loss programs to discover the “new you”. Well this year we recommend you consider a different approach. Say no to fad dieting, to another celebrity trying to sell you their ultimate and super simple, overnight weight loss solution and consider re-building your relationship with food to one that is simply about knowing what the right food and amount of food is for YOU.

Now, here we need to be honest, healthy weight loss is not something that happens overnight, and you certainly should not be losing 10kg in 1 week (most of which will be muscle and fluid). Instead, it is about healthy, sustainable weight loss where you feel better for it and still get to eat your favourite foods in amounts suitable for you.

Any generic “DIET” is likely to have elements that suit you and elements that do not. Therefore it is usually best to think about you and your weight loss goals as an individual.  This means understanding how you respond to food and what your body requires.

What is it that makes weight loss a challenge for you specifically?

Is it stress, or sugar cravings at 3pm?

Is it simply not knowing what the right amounts of different foods you actually need?

We are all different, and have different relationships with food, hence the best way to lead to long term healthy weight loss, and then to keep it off, is to understand, rebuild and manage that relationship to align with your weight and health goals.

Yes it sounds tricky, and doesn’t promise you to be 20kg lighter by January 31st, but it does lead you to finally stop “dieting” and losing weight only to regain it a short time later.

If you have had enough of trying every new diet, only to find yourself with the same New Year’s resolution 12 months later, then please have a think about making this year different. Our Dietitians are here to support you in your weight loss journey, with the aim of long term success and health! We want to work with YOU, to help you achieve YOUR goals.

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