Tour Down Under

One of The Melbourne Sports Medicine Centre's Sports Doctors, Dr Kathy Yu has just returned from the Tour Down Under.  Read about her experience:

'Last week I headed over to Adelaide to watch the Tour DownUnder; the first UCI WorldTour event of the year, and the only event of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere.

Every stage was exciting, every town a party atmosphere.

I was lucky enough to be a 'medical spectator' and was able to see first-hand what it takes to look after professional cyclists.  These athletes are finely tuned, disciplined, tough, and resilient. They eat a vast amount!

While athletes in other sports need to do a combination of activities: running, jumping, landing, throwing, climbing, etc; cyclists only need to do one thing:


a lot, and very fast.

This means that their muscle development and mechanics are quite different to a more generalist athlete. The muscles we use in the pedaling action are not entirely the same as those used when we run, even though these are both considered 'leg' activities. A lot of people ride bikes in their off-season to keep fit, which is great for cardio-respiratory (heart and lungs) fitness and has lower impact on the legs than running.

We see a number of recreational (and competitive) athletes at The Melbourne Sports Medicine Centre who have problems associated with transitioning from bike to running, or vice versa. Many of these problems can be prevented by having a planned conditioning program.

Please think about this when you are considering changing or starting a new exercise program. The Physiotherapists at The Melbourne Sports Medicine Centre can help you build the right conditioning program to achieve your goals (without getting injured!).

So if you like bikes, put your helmet on and get down to the Great Ocean Road this weekend for the inaugural Cadel Evans Race (, or plan to go to the Tour DownUnder next January.  In the meantime, stay safe, active and fit!

Many thanks to Dr Mark Fisher and Malcolm Morris for being so generous with their time and experience, as well as letting me into the Race Doctor's car.

Dr Kathy Yu

If you wish to book online to see Kathy and you are an existing patient of The Melbourne Sports Medicine Centre or the co-located Midtown Medical Clinic please click here.

If you wish to book online to see Kathy and you are a new patient to The Melbourne Sports Medicine Centre or the co-located Midtown Medical Clinic please click here.

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