Stair Climbing for Strength, Fitness and Weight Loss

Woman running up stairs

We are frequently asked at The Melbourne Sports Medicine Centre for advice on exercise programs that assist weight loss, leg strengthening, and cardiovascular fitness. Many clients have been troubled by chronic calf and hamstring issues and are looking for alternatives to jogging.

Stair climbing is a very efficient way of burning calories and is ideal for those with limited time to exercise. It is easy to include in your daily routine and can also be added to a gym workout that involves weight training, and a cardio component.

Stair climbing is good for all age groups, and because it is a functional weight-bearing activity, it engages the body's largest muscle groups including quads, glutes, and calves and increases bone and core strength.

Stairs are readily available in office buildings, car parks, apartments, on streets and public areas.

Gyms now have stairclimbers that can be programmed with variable speed, duration and interval settings.

It is advisable when starting a stair climbing routine to be cautious and gradually increase the length of time of the exercise. Progressions can then include adding a weight belt or backpack, climbing two stairs at a time, speed up the workouts or reduce the rest intervals.

Once at the top of the stairs, you can walk down slowly before commencing the activity again thus using the routine as interval training which is a great way to burn calories and increase fitness.

Arrange a time to see one of our experienced Physiotherapists to discuss how a stair climbing program can work for you.  You can book online or phone 9650 9372.