Sports Massage

At the Melbourne Sports Medicine Centre our Massage Therapists provide a range of services including Sports Massage, Remedial Massage and Myotherapy.  Modalities or techniques that may be used during Sports Massage include Deep tissue, Trigger point therapy and Stretching techniques.

The term 'Sports Massage' usually encompasses three specific massage services.  These include 'Pre Event, Post Event and Maintenance Massage'.  This type of massage is tailored to focus on the muscle groups used during your sport or fitness training. In the clinic environment the most common forms of Sports Massage we perform include 'Maintenance Massage' and 'Post Event Massage'.

Pre-Event Massage is an uptempo massage with the aim of invigorating muscles.   This service uses light to moderate depth massage techniques and is ideally utilised prior to physical activity.

Post Event Massage is a slow, light to moderate depth massage.  This is aimed at assisting muscles to recover after physical activity by increasing blood flow.  There are many benefits to undertaking this form of massage, the most commonly known of these for athletes is less delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).  Another great benefit of massage is preventing the formation of trigger points which is even more important when you have a larger training load.

Maintenance Massage is a moderate to deep massage aimed at decreasing muscle tension and trigger points in the body area. By utilising regular Maintenance Massage and keeping the formation of trigger points minimised, your body will be more efficient. This means that your muscles will have more strength, power, endurance, flexibility and less pain and discomfort.

To arrange an appointment with one of our massage therapists please phone 9650 9372 or book online.  If you have any questions regarding the best type of massage for you, please phone our friendly and helpful reception staff on 9650 9372.