A Profile of Gymnastics Australia Chief Medical Officer - our very own Dr Kathy Yu!

Image of Dr Kathy Yu at Gymnastics National Championships

At The Melbourne Sports Medicine Centre we are extremely proud of our very own Dr Kathy Yu, the recently appointed Chief Medical Officer at Gymnastics Australia.  This terrificprofile below highlights some of her many achievements:

'With over 20 years of experience working in Sports Medicine, Dr Kathy Yu is without a doubt one of the most highly regarded sports doctors in the field, providing Australian gymnasts with the top medical care and attention they deserve.

She was recently appointed as Chief Medical Officer at Gymnastics Australia, but she is no newbie to the sport and its intricacies. Dr Yu has always been deeply embedded in the world of gymnastics, having been a gymnast as a child and then later coached while at University.

Holding a Masters of Public Health in Occupational Medicine and a Graduate Diploma in Sports Medicine, her progression into sports medicine was a natural one.

When asked what drew her specifically to the practice of sports medicine she put it simply – “I like healthy people.”

“I like biomechanics and how the body moves,” she added.

“My own experiences as a gymnast have shaped my practice and enable me to better understand the needs of the athletes I help.”

At the 2016 Australian Gymnastics Championships, Dr Yu is a familiar face behind the scenes helping to relieve sore backs, wrists and ankles from the hard-working gymnasts.

Dr Yu scuttles back and forth from gymnast to gymnast, enquiring after them. A diminutive figure, what she lacks in physical stature, she makes up for with her big, warm personality.

No two days of competition are the same for Dr Yu. The only constant according to her is the lack of sleep which she attributes to the long competition days.

“I am here from the moment athletes enter the arena to the time they leave,” she said. “I am caring not just for competitors but also attend to the medical needs of everyone present.”

The demands of the job may be high, but Dr Yu said she gains great job satisfaction from helping the athletes perform at their peak safely.

“That in itself is a reward for me. I am here for them.”

Where gymnastics is concerned, Dr Yu feels there is still a lack of expertise when it comes to managing athletes at the highest level of their sport in gymnastics, citing it to be a “very specialised field.”

“These athletes require very specific care, and because there is the perception that gymnastics is not a ‘professional’ sport, it is hard to attract doctors to become more involved.”

A strong advocate for greater education and awareness of gymnastics within the medical community, she identifies many fantastic learning opportunities for young doctors to help facilitate the best performance of athletes.

With a glint in her eye, Dr Yu admits that as a gymnast, her favourite apparatus was bars, but as a spectator she enjoys watching High Bar and Floor.

Apart from gymnastics, Dr Yu has previously also been involved with the Australian Paralympic Team and sailing teams.'


Lucky for us, amongst her assisting surgery and sporting team committments, Kathy is available for consultation at The Melbourne Sports Medicine Centre four days per week.  To arrange an appointment please phone 9650 9372 or book online.