Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record

The Melbourne Sports Medicine Centre is proud to be a participant in the Personally Controlled eHealth Record System.

The eHealth record is part of a federal government initiative that allows health information from one healthcare provider to be shared with another.

The eHealth record contains a summary of your most important health information including allergies, current medication and a history of your medical conditions.

As a patient, you are in control of your eHealth record and can access it via the internet.  You only have an eHealth record if you choose to register and health professionals can only add information to your record with your permission.

An eHealth record can make it easier to manage your health and is of particular benefit if you have complex medical needs or chronic health problems.  Your usual Doctor will be able to add a Shared Health Summary to your record and if you choose this information can be shared with other Medical Practitioners.  In the near future allied health practitioners such as Physiotherapists, Podiatrists and Dietitians will also be able to contribute to your eHealth record.

You can register for a Personally Controlled eHealth Record System by visiting or we can assist you in registering for your record when you next attend The Melbourne Sports Medicine Centre.

If you do have any queries, speak to any of our administration staff or email: