Medical Specialists on Collins

The Melbourne Sports Medicine Centre is delighted to have the ever expanding Medical Specialists on Collins co-located on level 4 of 250 Collins Street Melbourne.

Medical Specialists on Collins was opened in February 2013 and provides Specialist consultations at a most convenient location.

All Specialists are well established with many years experience and include:

  • Melbourne Orthopaedic Group Orthopaedic Surgeons
    • Mr Ashley Carr
    • Mr Matthew Evans
    • Mr Jit Balakumar
    • Mr Tim Schneider
    • Mr Mark O’Sullivan
    • Mr Eugene Ek
  • Dermatologist Dr Diana Tran
  • Gastroenterologists Dr Georgina Baker and Dr John Ring
  • Ophthalmologist Dr Walter Chang
  • Cosmetic Skin Specialist Dr Braham Goldberg
  • Gynaecology and Fertility Specialist Dr Alice Huang
  • Urologists Dr Caroline Dowling and Dr Paul Ruljancich
  • Allergist & Immunologist Dr Gary Unglik
  • Aesthetic, Reconstructive and Hand Surgeon Mr Edmund Ek
  • Cardiologist Dr Ai Vee Ng
  • Endocrinologist Dr Thuy Vu
  • Diabetes Educator Ms Michelle Gribble
  • Accredited Practising Dietitian Ms Virginia Fazio
  • Hand Therapist Mr Nick Antoniou
  • Psychologists Dr Rith Ingrid Sturmey, Dr Nick Mumford and Dr Danny Bryant

Medical Specialists on Collins can be contacted on 8102 5888 or

Visit the website for more information about Medical Specialists on Collins and the Specialists themselves.