Lupin Heat Packs - a great gift idea!

The Melbourne Sports Medicine Centre has a new range of heat packs available to purchase. The heat packs contains Lupin seeds which have superior heating qualitites.  Whilst always best recommended by your practitioner, heat packs can assist in the relief of back, neck and joint pain.

The Lupin Heat Packs come is two sizes, standard (17 cm x 33 cm) and large (17 cm x 57 cm) at a price of $25.00 and $35.00 respectively.  

For the remainder of December we would like to offer them to our valued clients for the reduced fee of $20.00 for the standard and $30.00 for the large.  A great gift idea for you or for someone else!

To secure your Lupin Heat Packs please email and advise us the size and number of packs you would like.  You can then collect them when you are next visiting The Melbourne Sports Medicine Centre.