Introducing our new physio, Scott Mitchinson

At The Melbourne Sports Medicine Centre we are pleased to introduce our newest physio, Scott Mitchinson who has now returned to Australia after a 6 year stint playing professional baseball in the United States. He is a pitcher with the Australian National Baseball Team and has specialist throwing and fielding coaching roles with State and Big Bash cricket teams.

Scott has developed a keen interest in the management of sporting injures and gained valuable first- hand experience in returning athletes back to their pre-injury levels.  He enjoys treating a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions and has a strong interest in exercise-based rehabilitation. His programs have an extra dimension through his TRX Suspension Training as well as Rehabilitative Pilates training through Polestar Pilates Australia and his current Masters in Sports Physiotherapy course.

Scott’s national and international playing and coaching backgrounds, along with his further rehabilitation training, equip him ideally to treat athletes with throwing related injuries. He is strongly of the view that in overcoming injury the throwing athlete is best served by achieving the right mix of technique modification and maximizing the body’s capacity to throw through appropriate preparation, conditioning and rehabilitation. In regards to throwing, this balanced approach can help with high level performance as well as minimizing the impact of injury.

So if your competitive sport such as cricket or baseball or your recreational activities are affected by a throwing related injury, a thorough injury and throwing technique assessment by Scott could help get you back onto the path to recovery.