Improve your fitness, agility and strength with our Boxing Sessions!

In the quest of increasing the fitness and strength of our patients, The Melbourne Sports Medicine Centre is proud to announce the commencement of Boxing Sessions.  Our well known remedial massage therapist, and State Level Pro Am Boxer, Leon Adkins will be conducting the early morning sessions each Tuesday and Friday.  Sessions are 30 minutes and promise to be fast paced and fun!  

Leon has over 10 years experience working as a Remedial Massage Therapist to elite level athletes having been senior therapist at North Melbourne Football Club and other elite sporting organisations. Leon is passionate about sport and backed by his Graduate Diploma of Human Nutrition and Certificate 4 in Fitness takes particular interest in event preparation, guiding people of all levels in getting the most from their training be it through recovery techniques such as self-release massage, nutrition or exercise selection. As a keen runner, Leon specialises in injury treatment for runners and triathletes and also in providing techniques of injury prevention for long term health. Leon incorporates a range of massage techniques and Dry Needling in treating sporting related injuries and common work related pains such as tension headaches and also provides take home exercises to maximise treatment outcome.  Leon is a strong believer in cross training, boxing is the perfect way to 'rest' the legs but work the rest of the body!

Classes will commence at the end of November (when Leon returns from running both a half marathon and a full marathon in Las Vegas and Philadelphia.....).

Classes are open to exisiting patients of The Melbourne Sports Medicine Centre or Midtown Medical Clinic who have been cleared to participate by their treating Doctor.

To book yourself in please phone 9650 9372.  If you've attended the classes before you can book online here.