The Importance of Strength Training for Women

The Physiotherapists at The Melbourne Sports Medicine Centre treat a number of middle-aged women for a range of musculoskeletal conditions that are caused in part by poor muscle strength and stability and the challenges of our sedentary lifestyle.

Middle-aged women face a number of health challenges associated with menopause and these include a loss of muscle mass and a slowing of the metabolism. 

Some of the signs may include an inability to get out of low chairs, postural neck and back pain and unwanted weight gain.

The reluctance of women to commence a weight training program as part of a general fitness regime is deeply entrenched with the misperception that bulking up will result.

The majority of women who participate in weight training will gain lean muscle, become more toned, with an increased metabolism. Therefore, most of these women do not need to worry about gaining large muscle mass.

The other benefits of weight training include reducing the risk of both osteoporosis and joint injury.

When combined with an aerobic exercise, routine strength training can be a key component for overall health and fitness.

The Physiotherapists at The Melbourne Sports Medicine Centre can advise on a weight training program for individual clients.

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