Head Podiatrist Chris Petropoulos a speaker at The Inaugural International Podiatry Conference, Athens

The Melbourne Sports Medicine Centre's Head Podiatrist Chris Petropoulos was recently an invited speaker at The Inaugural International Podiatry Conference Athens, Greece. Chris was never likely to refuse this invitation, as he has a many connections with and fond memories of Greece, including working as a podiatrist at the Athens Olympics back in 2004.

Delegates were national and international podiatrists and foot and ankle surgeons. The Scientific program consisted of presentations by experts in their fields, on lower limb sports injuries and biomechanics.

Chris presented on the clinical management of medial shin pain (shin splints). He emphasised the relevance of a thorough assessment of the patient’s biomechanics, footwear and loading patterns (in particular the volume and progression rate of running). Management techniques include local soft tissue treatments, podiatry interventions, running gait modification and specific muscular strengthening/ stretching.

At times this will also involve other health professionals such as a physiotherapist in the treatment and dynamic movement modifications that are required to help overcome this often frustrating condition. Unfortunately too often patients with medial shin pain cope with this condition by simply avoiding the activities that contributed to the initial onset. With accurate assessment and comprehensive management in many cases patients can resume their running or extended walking activities with their medial shin pain under control.