Focusing on health rather than weight

Happy people, at their most healthy weight, jumping for joy!

The Melbourne Sports Medicine Centre is a strong supporter of International No Diet Day - a day dedicated to raising awareness as to how unhealthy dieting can be harmful, or respecting and accepting body types, and promoting healthy eating rather than dieting. No Diet Day aims to help to teach people to have a healthy relationship with food, and to ditch restrictive diets and the harmful results they often have.  No Diet Day is on Wednesday the 6th of May 2015.

Several of the Accredited Practising Dietitians at The Melbourne Sports Medicine Centre adopt a 'non-dieting' approach and follow the Health At Every Size philosophy. Jo Money (nee Gibson), founder of Eat, Love, Live is available for consultation at The Melbourne Sports Medicine Centre, along with Diane Rennard and Su Ling Lim.

Jo Money recently presented to all of our medical and allied health staff discussing the Eat Love Live approach, her detailed discussion paper is available here.

To arrange an appointment with Jo, Diane or Su, please phone 9650 9372 or book online.