Feb Fast 2016!

The Melbourne Sports Medicine Centre is proud of our 'Febfasters' - staff and patients alike!

And congratulations to everyone who is choosing to participate.

At The Melbourne Sports Medicine Centre we are proud supporters of any campaign whose goal it is to help us improve our lifestyle and our health.  All of us enjoy good fun and for many of us drinking alcohol is a part of that - beer with workmates, wine with dinner and nights out on weekends.  Unfortunately it is very easy for our alcohol intake to become too high and before we realise it, it can have an effect on work, relationships and health - not to mention the wallet!

No matter how much we research it, alcohol is not good for our health!  The less alcohol we consume the better. 

So give your body a break from alcohol during February, visit the Febfast website for more information and helpful tips, and remember when March does eventually roll around, try to keep some of your Febfast tricks up your sleeve.  Your body will appreciate it!