FASHIoN Study!

The Melbourne Sports Medicine Centre is proud to be involved in a research trial conducted by Melbourne University.

Daniel Yee is one of six Physiotherapists recruited for the FASHIoN study.  FASHIoN is an acronym for Femoral Acetabular Surgery for Hip Impingement Syndrome.

This randomised controlled trial is being run in collaboration with a larger trial in the UK and will compare arthroscopic surgery with the physiotherapy led non-surgical management of femoral acetabular impingement.

In Australia, a randomised controlled trial will be run at two sites (Melbourne and Sydney) with the aim of recruiting 70 participants at each site.  35 participants in the physiotherapy group will be Melbourne based.  They will attend the Melbourne University gait laboratory for testing, will undergo an MRI and complete a detailed questionnaire regarding pain and function.

The surgical group will undergo usual post operative care, including non standardised physiotherapy.

Those in the physiotherapy group assigned to Daniel will attend 6 - 8 sessions over 12 weeks at The Melbourne Sports Medicine Centre and follow a progressive, personalised exercise program as well as receiving education. 

We look forward to hearing the outcome of the study and will keep you informed!

If you wish to book online to see Daniel and you are an existing patient of The Melbourne Sports Medicine Centre or the co-located Midtown Medical Clinic please click here.

If you wish to book online to see Daniel and you are a new patient to The Melbourne Sports Medicine Centre or the co-located Midtown Medical Clinic please click here.

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