Eating well when you're in PAIN

Acccredited Practising Dietitian, Joanna Baker has published an article in the September 2016 Healthy Food Guide, 'Eating Well when you're in PAIN'. Joanna consults at Medical Specialists on Collins, co-located at The Melbourne Sports Medicine Centre, and writes that when in the grip of constant pain, it can be hard to make good food choices.  Joanna explains that experiencing pain interferes with simple activities like grocery shopping or preparing meals.  It can affect appetite too, and when the pain becomes long term, it is easy to let healthy eating habits slip - but watching what you eat when you have chronic pain is especially important as it can boost your energy, improve your mood and yes, even reduce your pain.  Joanna suggests that five simple strategies are followed.  Read Joanna's full article here.

Joanna consults at Medical Specialists on Collins on Wednesdays.  You can read more about Joanna here.  To arrange an appointment to see Joanna at Medical Specialists on Collins, please phone 1300 227 100.