Are you ready to run?

Injured energetic runners make up a significant proportion of the patients treated at The Melbourne Sports Medicine Centre.  Before embarking on any new exercise regime an assessment by a Physiotherapist is recommended.  We much prefer to help you develop appropriate techniques and strategies rather than treat a preventable injury that can significantly dent motivation and in some cases prevent further participation.

Start with an assessment by a Physiotherapist.  Your age, body type, level of fitness, pre-existing injury and biomechanics need to be considered in order for an individual training plan to be put together for you.  Your physiotherapist will also discuss how far, how fast, how often, what surface and what terrain.  They may also recommend input from a podiatrist regarding the most appropriate footwear for you. 

Working closely with your physiotherapist will put you in the best possible position to increase distance and speed and have you enjoying ‘fun walks’ and ‘fun runs’ all year round!

To arrange an appointment with one of our experienced physiotherapists please phone 9650 9372 or book online.