Frequently Asked Questions

A referral is NOT required to see our health professionals.

You can either phone us directly on 9650 9372 to arrange an appointment or use online booking system.  The online booking system enables you to arrange an appointment with your usual practitioner or a practitioner whose profile you have viewed on our website. 

You can view a detailed list of our Fees for different services at the following page > Centre Information > Fees

No, you do not have to a Sportsperson to attend the clinic. However our clinic does emphasise a Sports Medicine approach to injury and pain management which has been found to be the most effective way to treat any musculoskeletal condition.  All of our practitioners are qualified to treat elite athletes, recreational athletes and less active members of the population. Many of our therapists also have wide experience in occupational health management and can advise and treat conditions particular to the workplace.

If you are unsure which health professional would be most suitable, please contact the clinic for advice. This way we can ensure you are booked in with the most appropriate practitioner. 

A General Practitioner is trained in all areas of medicine with good knowledge and ability to deal with general injuries.  A Sports Medicine Doctor has undergone additional postgraduate training to accurately diagnose and coordinate management of acute or chronic musculoskeletal or sports injuries.  These injuries can involve muscles, bones, joint, ligaments, cartilage and nerves in any area of the body.

Your doctor's appointment will be partially covered by Medicare. All other appointments at this clinic are covered by private health insurance depending on your level of ancillary cover.  It is best to contact your insurer directly to determine what your rebate will be for a particular service.

Please bring along your private health insurance membership card to enable your claim to be processed immediatley after your consultation.

The Melbourne Sports Medicine Centre is a private billing clinic and all appointments must be paid for on the day of consultation.  If you are covered by Workcover or TAC, you are still welcome to attend the Clinic, however you will be expected to pay for your consultation and seek reimbursement yourself from your compensable body.  There may be a gap between our fees and the amount you will be reimbursed.  Please check this with your insurer before attending for your appointment.

Physiotherapists at The Melbourne Sports Medicine Centre can arrange an x-ray or MRI if required.  Follow up on any investigations are done by a Sports Doctor within the clinic.  This enable optimal management of any injury. Follow up on any investigations will be done by your managing practitioner who may then refer you on to a Sports Doctor within the clinic for ongoing care.  This helps to ensure optimal management of your injury.

An Accredited Practising Dietitian has done a Masters or Post Graduate training studying the application of Nutrition to specific medical conditions.  Accredited Practising Dietitians must also undertake training each year to ensure their knowledge is up to date.  A Nutritionist is someone who has studied Nutrition but not necessarily its application to medical conditions and does not have to undertake training each year.

All of our Dietitians at The Melbourne Sports Medicine Centre are Accredited Practising Dietitians.

Acupuncture is a form of Chinese Medicine which is based on energy lines within the body and 'chi'.  The insertion points of fine needles can vary depending on the condition being treated and are not always in close proximity to the area of pain.  Training in Chinese Medicine is necessary to perform this type of treatment.  Our practitioners at The Melbourne Sports Medicine Centre do not perform Acupuncture.

Dry Needling uses the same needles as Acupuncture, however focuses on particular trigger points or knots' within the muscles.  It is very beneficial for treating tight muscles or can give relief when experiencing high levels of pain.  The needles are usually inserted very close to the site of pain.

At The Melbourne Sports Medicine Centre we understand your time is valuable. All of our practitioners do their best to run on time and your punctual attendance will assist this. Should your practitioner be running late, we will endeavour to contact you to let you know. Alternatively, please feel free to ring us 30 minutes prior to your appointment to see if your practitioner is running on time.

Should you arrive late for your appointment your practitioner will do their best to provide you with your full treatment time but in some situations appointments will need to be rescheduled or treatment time reduced.