Pilates Class Bookings

Book HERE for our Clinical Pilates Classes. 

If you are new to The Melbourne Sports Medicine Centre, please read the information below.

Booking into our Clinical Pilates Classes means you are a regular attendee of our classes or you have had a recent pilates assessment (within the past two months) with one of our Clinical Pilates Practitioners.

During this assessment you will have been taught how to perform appropriate exercises on the floor and on all relevant equipment.  An individual program will have been developed for you and tailored to your personal goals or specific sport.

Our Clinical Pilates Practitioners are Physiotherapists Hannah Ware, Scott Mitchinson, Dan YeeAmanda Lee, Polly Dhar and also Myotherapist/Exercise Physiologist Nathan McKeown.  You can read more about them and book a 40 or 45 minute assessment by clicking their name. 

Our Clinical Pilates Classes are run by Physiotherapists Hannah Ware, Amanda Lee and Scott Mitchinson and you can book by clicking HERE.  You can of course book one on one sessions with any of our Clinical Pilates Practitioners.  Our current class timetable can be viewed here.

For all pilates sessions, whether they be group or individual, please:

  • Ensure you wear, or bring to change into, comfortable exercise clothing

  • Bring clean grip socks to wear whilst using the pilates equipment

  • Bring a hand towel for use when you work up a sweat!

  • Bring a water bottle to fill from our chilled water fountain

Feel free to call us on 9650 9372 or email if you have any queries at all.

We look forward to helping you improve your health and fitness!