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Exercise classes are back!

It’s the start of the year where people are beginning to return to their normal exercise habits and routines after the Christmas holidays. It is often during the holiday period where normal training regimes are interrupted, leading to less exercise and physical activity in general. As a result of this decreased activity, muscle strength and length decrease and the capacity of physical activity that our body can cope with is reduced. Our muscles, joints, tendons and even bones don’t like these sudden changes in training loads, so it is not surprising that at this time of year we begin to see an increase in injuries with people trying to resume their pre-Christmas training levels or enthusiastically getting into a new activity in the new year.

Your Physiotherapist will be able to safely guide your return to activity and identify potential risk factors that may increase your future injury risk.

Our physiotherapy-run exercise classes are small group classes of up to three people, utilising a mix of strength and Pilates equipment to help meet individuals exercise or injury goals, and are a perfect way to resume your exercise in the new year!

Click here to view our exercise class timetable.


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