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Telehealth rule changes

Medicare rules regarding Telehealth have recently changed.

There will now be an out of pocket fee for all medical telehealth consultations. You also must have attended the practice in person to see one of our Doctors or have seen one of our Doctors at a different location within the last twelve months in order to receive a Medicare rebate.

If you book online for either a telephone or a video consultation for our Doctors or Dietitians, you will be asked to securely provide your credit card details for payment to be taken after your consultation. If you phone us and we book an appointment for you, we will contact you after your appointment to arrange payment. 

After payment is made for medical consultations or Dietitian consultations on a treatment plan, Medicare will then deposit their rebate into your nominated bank account.

The cost of the medical consultation and the rebate will depend on the length of time you spend with your Doctor.

The fees for both our telehealth and in-person consultations are located here.

We look forward to continuing to look after your health.


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