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Service: Podiatry

Our Podiatrists diagnose and treat a wide variety of foot, ankle and lower limb conditions ranging from nail and skin care to biomechanical issues. Through years of experience, and the completion of extra training, workshops and seminars, our podiatrists have the knowledge and skills to:

  • manage lower limb sports and overuse injuries
  • provide foot wound care, particularly for those with diabetes
  • treat nail and skin conditions
  • prepare rehabilitation and exercise programs
  • perform dry needling for foot related musculoskeletal conditions
  • prescribe and fit a range of orthotics
  • educate on appropriate footwear
  • perform video gait and running analysis

As part of a sports medicine team, our podiatrists help reduce foot pain through achieving an efficient and well-aligned gait. They assist in minimising injury and maximising performance through skin and nail treatments, rehabilitation, orthotic prescription and footwear advice.  Our Podiatrists also offer gait analysis for both walking and running.

Our podiatrists manage common skin conditions such as corns, calluses and warts, as well as infections of both the skin and nails. Painful ingrown nails can be readily relieved with podiatry and permanent surgical correction for chronic cases is performed at The Melbourne Sports Medicine Centre under local anaesthetic.

Our podiatry team plays an important role in providing relief and preventing long term complications for a range of conditions, such as diabetes and arthritis, which can affect foot circulatory and neurological health. Podiatry can effectively manage developmental anomalies and foot postural alignment issues which can interfere with comfortable growth and activity in the young.

Initial podiatry consultations are of 45 minutes duration.  During this time your podiatrist will fully assess your condition and design and implement a treatment plan.  Review consultations are of 30 minutes duration.

Podiatry consultations may be covered under your Private Health Insurance.  Please check with your private insurer to see if you are covered for part payment of your consultations.  Please ensure you bring your membership card to your appointment if this applies to you.

Should you have a chronic health condition for which Podiatry would be of benefit, you may qualify for a rebate under a Medicare Team Care Arrangement.  Please consult your General Practitioner if this applies to you.

To arrange an appointment to see one of our Podiatrists please phone 9650 9372 or book online.