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Clinically Supervised Gymnasium

The Melbourne Sports Medicine Centre Services Clinically Supervised Gymnasium

Clinically Supervised Gymnasium

At The Melbourne Sports Medicine Centre, we have a comprehensive onsite Clinically Supervised Gym.

The gym is used for both individual therapeutic exercise instruction and Clinical Exercise Classes.

The classes are conducted by our Physiotherapists and are designed to assist with injury rehabilitation and prevention.  Pilates equipment and exercises drawn from Pilates principles are used during these classes, along with weights, balance and resistance training.

NordBoardTM for hamstring strength testing and rehabilitation is also part of the rehabilitation gymnasium along with a treadmill and video used for gait and running analysis.

Other classes held in the gym include small group Knee Classes focusing on knee rehabilitation and injury prevention.

For those looking to increase their fitness, Boxing for Fitness Sessions are held in the morning by Remedial Massage Therapist and State Level Pro Am Boxer, Leon Adkins.

Many staff members of The Melbourne Sports Medicine Centre regularly enjoy and benefit from their own small group exercise classes in the gym.  Our health and fitness is important too!