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Bike Setup

At The Melbourne Sports Medicine Centre several of our highly experienced Physiotherapists provide a Bike Set Up service.

Correcting your Bike Set Up is an important way of enhancing your cycling power and efficiency as well as reducing stress on the body which can lead to discomfort and injury.

Our trained Physiotherapists can help you with choosing the right bike size and optimising your riding position and pedalling technique by making changes such as seat and handle bar positioning.

Cycling injury prevention and rehabilitation can also be achieved through manual treatment and exercise programs based on an assessment of your biomechanics.  Your physiotherapist can help you address any relevant deficits in strength, flexibility, lower back and pelvic control.

If you are interested in making a bike fit appointment please call our reception staff on 9650 9372 and mention that this is the reason for your consultation.

We allocate 60 minutes, which allows for measurements and adjustments using the wind trainer, biomechanical assessment and history taking. You will need to bring your bike with your usual cycling shoes and clothes.